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  1. donwells

    donwells Curious about Wooden Canoes

    I have just finished drawing half breaths of the stations for the Ranger Prospector in the canoe craft book. I had absolutely no problems doing this and they came out great. Now here comes the problem that i am having, I started trying to draw the stem pattern and no matter what i do I can't get to come out correctly. There is no illustrations or directions in the book as to how they should be drawn all they have is the waterline measurements from the 2" WL up to the 20" WL. What i have done was draw a base line and then come down in 2" WL increments to the 20" WL.
    I then marked another line 90 degrees down from the base line and marked the appropriate distance as per the book for each WL. When i did this and put a batten on it it won't even come out close to being fair. it seems that there are about 3 measurements that are plum out of whack.
    Also do i run the batten from the baseline at 0-0 line to the 2" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" and then to where assuming i am right which i must not be because i haven't gotten it fair yet.

    If anyone has any suggestions, answers, advise or drawings please help me get this straightened out so i can start building this canoe.
    Thanks, Don
  2. Jim Dodd

    Jim Dodd LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Hi Don

    I have the newest CanoeCraft in front of me. I have not drawn these plans, but just looking at the tables they appear to start the waterlines at the top, instead of the bottom. Other than that, the spacings appear OK.

    Yes they could include more information. It may be they want to sell plans.

    You might go to Bear Mountain Boat Shop website. Get on the forum there. Look up the Ranger builds. There should be posts that address your problem.

    The Ranger looks like a nice solo day tripper.

    Yes, I start at the base line 0-0, up 2". and out- 1-02-3. And so on. This first line really sets the rocker at the bottom of the hull.
    When you get to the 20" WL. You can just follow the batten up to, it appears to be about 24"+-.

    If you don't find your answer? Bring it back here, and I will try and draw the stem form, and see If I can help.

  3. OP

    donwells Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Thanks, let me go back and try this again and see if i can get it figured out. This was fun till i got to the stems. LOL

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