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Myron Smart Paddles?

Discussion in 'Paddles and Paddle Making' started by Robert Houle, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Robert Houle

    Robert Houle New Member

    I am writing as I have a few questions I am hoping someone will be able to help with with. Last year I attended an estate sale with a Myron smart canoe from milo Maine. The price was over $7000 so I did not get to go home with the canoe. I did however find a couple pairs of paddles that were more reasonable. The gray color paddles are the same color as the canoe was. Does anyone know of these could be made by Myron? Also are there other examples of paddles made by him?

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  2. OP
    Robert Houle

    Robert Houle New Member

  3. MGC

    MGC Scrapmaker

    That price seems a bit high for a Smart...hopefully the paddles were more of a bargain. It's interesting to see glass wrapped around several of need to wonder if someone that thought wooden canoes were best when embalmed in glass and resin might do the same to a paddle. Shy of markings, you might never know. I have paddles that came along with a Walter Walker that I would say might be paddles from his hand....but I'll never be sure. A distinctive paddle can sometimes be assigned to a maker, but makers didn't always make distinctive paddles...sometimes they just made plain old "B flat" paddles.

    If that sale is still on and if the asking price is more realistic, the JT looks like it's in nice shape. The one I once had was a pretty nice canoe. Although they are far from rare, you don't see all that many of them thrashing about in the water. I'd head back for it...
  4. Coby Smart

    Coby Smart New Member

    The paddles appear to be very similar is design to the paddles I have of his.

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