MAS Resin needed, Laurentians Quebec - urgent....


One repair / restoration so far......
Sorry folks; I have family here building stitch and tape canoes and I mis-calculated the amount of resin we would get through.

I'm using MAS resin and the nearest stockist seems to be Toronto.....

About nine hours drive or four days delivery away!

One: Does anyone have about a gallon of MAS Resin I could buy off them please? Three to fours hours circle from Mt Tremblant, Quebec?

Two: There is a West Resin stockist in Ottawa - about three hours away. Is West resin compatible with MAS please? I know it is said to be more prone to amine blush but needs must....

Three: are ALL epoxies compatible? NorWest boats is about 1.5 hours away and they have previously offered to let me have resin....

Thanks so much for any information.


Jim Dodd

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Me, I'd wait and order. Different epoxies should bond to each other, as long as you prep the surface.
I tried hardeners from two different manufacturers, just as an experiment. It hardened the resin, but I wouldn't recommend it !

I try and shy away from blush as much as possible ! It's a pain to get varnish to stick and dry.



One repair / restoration so far......
Thanks very much - I think we'll bite the bullet and ask for next-day delivery of MAS!

Still plenty to do; dry-fit gunwales, design and make decks....

Thanks :)