How come so much in WCHA shipping costs ????


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Yesterday I ordered 5 Chestnut deck decals from the WCHA STORE for a total cost of $55 USD only to be charged an additional unreasonable amount $14.95 USD for shipping. I have always supported the WCHA but these shipping charges don't seem fair or reasonable to me. What's going on?

greene canoe

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For years the WCHA offered free shipping to Canada and the U.S., but with the ever increasing cost of postage we were getting slammed with the additional expense for shipping packages outside of the U.S. to Canada and the UK/overseas. So, we were forced to implement a flat rate fee which does include Canada. Our current website system does not provide a sliding scale based on weight. However we do have our Webmaster working on a new website and system to calculate actual mailing costs.

In the meantime I'll initiate a refund of your shipping costs, Dave, especially since it won't be a heavy order from a weight perspective.
Thank you so much for being a valued member and supporter of the WCHA, and enjoy this lovely Spring paddling season!
Jeanne Griffin Greene
WCHA Online Store Manager


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Wow, I did receive a refund of $5.45 USD for shipping costs, thank you, which must mean that a small letter sized envelope with 5 little deck decals ( of no weight ) only cost me $9.50 USD for shipping. ( or about $12.00 CAD.) Such a deal!

Mark Adams

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Call it Shipping and Handling... Someone takes the time to process the order, package it, and ship it. I personally hate shipping charges as well, but it is getting expensive. For a book from England, I typically spend about 25 quid. It is a necessary evil, and an intangible one at that. Point of fact though, you were given a refund. I'm pretty sure the restorations those decals are going on are quite able to absorb the additional cost of a measly 2 bucks....