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Hi from new member.

Discussion in 'Guestbook' started by Cricket, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Cricket

    Cricket Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Just a note to say hi. I am a boatbuilder and sailor, and former WCHA member from back in the day when Bob Hicks was editor of the Journal. At that time, I built a Tom Hill lapstrake canoe, and restored a 1961 OT 50lb guide. I'll try to attach the photos. Those boats are long ago sold. I've been a C Class and ACA canoe sailor (though my boats are glass) for 20 years or so, and currently co-chair the dinghy sailing program at Sebago Canoe Club in Brooklyn, NY. My current project is nearly complete, the building of a Matinicus double ender. That is chronicled in my blog. I'm rejoining the WCHA and this forum because an Old Town HW, 1935 has sort of fallen in my lap. I don't have it yet, but plan on picking it up in a few weeks. Its a sailing model, and I plan to do a restoration as a "user". Back in '91 or so, I took Rollin's restoration class at WoodenBoat, and got a whole lot out of it. Been re-reading The Wood and Canvas Canoe in preparation. Sebago's open canoe program has languished over the last 25 years because of those danged sea kayaks, but is currently undergoing a little renaissance, to which I hope to contribute somewhat. Looking forward to picking your collective brains soon, hopefully.

    The OT Guide

    Re-canvasing at WB

    The finished OT

    The Tom Hill canoe on Vinalhaven.

    In Kejimkujik Park, Nova Scotia

    Jim Luton aka Cricket

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