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Building new 1/5th scale model canoe.

Discussion in 'Scale and Miniature Canoe Models' started by ralphdisley, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. ralphdisley

    ralphdisley Scale model canoe builder

    15th 002.jpg 15th 001.jpg New 1/5th scale model canoe building form.
    Well you guest it. Now I am building smaller canoes.How small do you want.:rolleyes:
    Well here are a couple pictures to feast your eyeballs on..
    I will post some pictures of the finished canoe soon. If I can even do it..:)

    A few more pictures. fairing the hull. Looks pretty good if I say so my self.
    Every things in line for the planking. Planking will be thin cedar and glued in onto the ribs with gorilla glue..
    Lets see how it goes today. I can
    t wait to see the little 24 inch canoe when I pop it off the little form..

    Notice the small sandpaper block used to sand ribs smooth.

    See planking. Lots of push pins. My thumb hurts.
    This little canoe came out great. I built the thing using my eyes and hands only. No tape measures of any king.
    The gunwales are a littler heavy so on my next attempt I will thin them out .I am going old school on the seats. I am thinking green paint for the hull and hand rubbed oil for the inside. Stay tuned more text and pictures to follow. View attachment 21466

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