wood and canvas

  1. R

    Kevin Martin open shop day

    Kevin Martin, (kevinmartin.wcha.org) of Epping NH has offered to host an Open Shop this Saturday, November 12 at 10 a.m. If interested in attending, please contact Reed Leberman (WCHA Chocorua Chapter) at nhwoodencanoes@gmail.com or Kevin Martin at kevinmartin16@comcast.net
  2. Dawn LaPointe

    ID help needed for old wood & canvas canoe

    I would appreciate any help in identifying the builder, model, and year of this wood and canvas canoe. Unfortunately there are no decals remaining and it appears someone scraped away any hint of serial numbers on the stem. I am hoping to learn more about the canoe so I can determine how best to...
  3. Bjorn Tofte

    Kennebec Canoe 14599

    Can anyone help me find some information on this canoe?
  4. normsims

    Possible Morris?

    I’ve been corresponding with a fellow who listed a canoe on eBay. Perhaps someone in the WCHA could help him with identification and the potential for sale. He’s in New York and the canoe is in California, so he can’t measure the length but it looks like either 16 or 17 feet. He’s had trouble...
  5. L

    Carleton canoe (?) Serial Number 19393 - information please

    Hello. I have what appears to be a Carleton wood and canvas canoe with the serial number 19393. Canoe measures 17' 4". There is no builder's plaque, but there are four very small nail holes in the forward deck where the plaque must have been. Heart-shaped decks, diamond fasteners, and...
  6. Rod Tait (Orca Boats)

    Wood strip building videos

    I have been filming and making YouTube videos on wood strip kayak building. Not canoes, but many of the same processes. Next canoe I build I will film that as well. They can be found on my channel by searching orcaboats on YouTube or by going to my blog pages at...
  7. T

    Need help with 2 cracked ribs

    My son and I are tackling our first restoration - a 16' 1949 OTCA Old Town canoe. The wood is in good shape except for two cracked ribs. I'm decent at wood working but don't have the knowledge or tools to handle anything too complicated. What is the easiest method to repair these ribs? See...
  8. A

    1911 detroit boat company yukon river model wood canoe-help

    We have had a 1911-12 Detroit Boat Co. Yukon River model wood and canvas canoe sitting in our barn for quite a few years. Finally have convinced my husband to let someone enjoy restoring the canoe...especially due to the fact that I do not believe either of us have spent much time rowing any...
  9. S

    Greenwood Water Craft

    Would any care to share their lore? Thanks, Steve
  10. D

    Old Town Wooden canoe refinnishing, recanvasing etc.

    Just given an old town canoe, wood, Canvas cover has been removed and need to redo Wood is in good shape,although very dry almost powdery. Needs to be refinnished. All original parts appear to be present although removed when canvas was removed. Questions, ( I am getting ID Information...
  11. Y

    Serial Number Search Old Town 16ft Wood & Canvass

    Can anyone tell me info re: serial number 146725 on my 16 ft Old Town Wood & Canvass Canoe? I'm mostly interested in how old it is and was also wondering where this info is available from? Is ther somewhere on the web that I can automatically look this info up as well?
  12. R

    It took a couple of years...

    I’ve been following WCHA for a couple of years and always appreciated the knowledge, skill and generosity of its’ members. I started building my own boat a couple of years ago but working out of town and other parts of life made progress slow. I am happy to say that I’ve finally completed my...