cedar strip canoe

  1. L

    I turned my hull and now it’s too wide?

    Hi! This year I’m building my first cedar strip canoe and I was hoping for some advice. This morning I took my boat off of the mold and flipped it over to find that my hull isn’t staying in the right shape, it’s too wide. What’s the best solution? Could I use straps during the Fiberglass process...
  2. C

    First Post and a Question

    Searching for clench nailing information I came across this site. Now registered I would like to extend greetings to all, to introduce myself and ask a basic question or two. As a child I spent my summers in Ontario by a small lake off Georgian Bay. The family cottage, now my sister's...
  3. S

    Northwest Passage Solo build

    I recently got a hankering to build myself another boat. I already have a 17' lake canoe that I made some years back so I decided to build a solo this time. I had once seen a cream colored canoe on top of a car and I liked the look of it. With that in mind I built my new boat out of basswood. It...
  4. MGC

    Cedar strip keel bedding

    I am not very familiar with cedar strip canoe construction but it's time to learn. Mine leaks a bit under the keel. I presume that the person that varnished it 10 plus years ago removed and replaced the keel and did not bed it properly....I am only guessing. Are these keels bedded? Is there a...