canvas canoe

  1. E

    Old Town 45745 18

    I have to apologize, 35+ years ago when we lived in New Jersey, a friend visited Old Town and brought us back a photocopy of the original sales receipt. That slip of paper has, as we say ..."gone under". I am sure it's somewhere in a box in the barn. We're currently re-covering, preparing the...
  2. C

    New member Cathy Downing

    Hi, My husband has an H.E. Crandell canvas canoe that is very old. We need to remove it from it's current location. Is there a market for this type of item? It could be used as a decorative item or be the start of a restoration project. Any information would be appreciated. We are located in MA...
  3. C

    Old Town Canoe Info Requested

    Serial # 42180. It originally belonged to my Grandfather and has been sitting in the boathouse unused for many years. I believe it was built in 1916. I would like to restore this boat. Any recommendations on videos, online info, tips or sites would be appreciated. The canoe is white in color...
  4. MGC

    Stem treatment ?

    I just finished installing a canvas. As I was getting ready to tack the canvas to the stems I got curious about what If anything) folks were applying to the stems and or between the top and bottom layer of canvas. What got me thinking about this was discovering that the entire top layer of my...
  5. B

    Thompson Bros CS386

    Looking for the year this was built. It has mahogany thwarts and gunwales . Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I

    Shrunken Canvas

    I am new to this forum and love paddling. Hopefully I can find some advise for the care of my canoe. It is a Nominingue 16ft Cedar canoe that was restored and re-canvased in 2007. I find that the canvas has shrunk and pulled away from the gunnels. Ultimately I believe the canoe will need be...
  7. R

    Kennebec canoe Serial #18930

    I am looking for any information on this wooden canvas canoe which I am currently having restored. Thanks for your help.
  8. B

    Please help

    I came across a free canoe/kayak with a mount for an outboard motor. The tricky part is the Hull Identification Number is BCF8437CZ. Missing some numbers I know, but I cannot even figure out who manufacturer was. Nothing on the vehicle names who manufactured it. Thanks for your help, I hope...