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"Wigwas" (Birchbark)

Discussion in 'Birchbarks, Dugouts and Primitive Craft' started by beaver, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. beaver

    beaver Birchbark CanoeingBuilder

    June 2007 The bark harvesting season is upon us. This is a special time of year for a small handful of canoe builders here in North America.

    60 years earlier June 26, 1947 Bob Pine, Ojibwe canoe builder from Lac du Flambeau Wi. (12 miles from my home) Quote: "The old timers used to take a woodchuck tail along to bring them luck in finding good birchbark."

    May the tradition continue.

    Ferdy Goode

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  2. Dave Wermuth

    Dave Wermuth Who hid my paddle?


    thanks Ferdy for posting. will we be geetting updates?
    that looks like a wonderful piece of bark.

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