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White canoe made in Old Town Maine (its sort of green)

Discussion in 'Serial Number Search' started by jebbcorp, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. jebbcorp

    jebbcorp New Member

    A green White canoe of Old Town Maine made from fiberglass.
    maybe 1980?
    color info appreciated :rolleyes:
  2. Benson Gray

    Benson Gray Canoe History Enthusiast Staff Member

    The notes at indicate that the WHC at the beginning is a manufacturer indentification code that was assigned to the White Canoe Company up until 1986. The site at says that the 80D on the end is for a November, 1980 date. A 1978 White catalog is available from in the Historic Wood Canoe and Boat Company Catalog Collection. This shows that "Light Green" and "Dark Green" were among the six available colors but not much other information is available. Sorry,

  3. OP

    jebbcorp New Member

    White canoes

    Thanks so much Benson, good information and fun to know!
    Is that your name on the Editor list of the Catalog Collection? That sounds like fun for sure. Nice picture for cover art :)
    enjoy and thanks again

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