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While watching paint dry

Discussion in 'Paddles and Paddle Making' started by thirsty, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. thirsty

    thirsty #8111

    I am painting a canoe in the back room. We just moved another back to the barn after spending a couple of weeks in the living room, cleaning salt off it from a road trip. I know what your thinking......... and she's taken. Peg is understanding and supportive, she helps work on them, move them, she cleans around them, & loves to paddle them. I'm blessed.

    Inspired by the threads on this forum, needing solid period paddles if we're going to show our canoes, and wanting a Valentine/Birthday gift for Peg, I decided to make a paddle while watching paint dry.

    A guy up the road deals in figured wood. Using a spokeshave was challenging on the figured cherry I chose. I got bit while working on this one , & look forward to making more.

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  2. bredlo

    bredlo LOVES Wooden Canoes

    That's beautiful - nice work, and great choice of wood!
  3. pklonowski

    pklonowski Unrepentant Canoeist

    Sweet! Cherry makes great paddles, and that's a great piece of cherry. Nice work!
  4. Jan Bloom

    Jan Bloom LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Very nice looking paddle and wood, set it in the sun and it will get that "nice old patina" rapidly as cherry is a very UV sensitive wood.
  5. tnyankee

    tnyankee LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Great work. I love the grain on that Cherry.
  6. Denis M. Kallery

    Denis M. Kallery Passed Away July 3, 2012 In Memoriam

    Good job Dave - real pretty paddle. Lucky Peggy!
  7. Douglas Ingram

    Douglas Ingram Red River Canoe & Paddle

    She's going to love it.

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