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What's this for?

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by ken mueller, May 24, 2005.

  1. ken mueller

    ken mueller Canton, Ohio

    I'm in the process of tearing down this BN Morris, and found the construction under the bow seat interesting. Any ideas as to the purpose of this extra wood? Thanks!

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  2. Woodchuck

    Woodchuck Woodworker

    Drawer Slides...

    Looks to me to be an add on custom drawer mounted under the seat. The dado's in the side rails accepted a guide bar on the drawer from which it would hang. I have never seen one on a OEM canoe so it has to be hand made... My thoughts, CYA, Joe
  3. sandpiper

    sandpiper canoe builder

    Allo Ken and Joe. Yes it looks like a drawer slide and what we can see on the right side of the picture, isn't it a wire hanging down. Maybe it was like a sliding battery compartment. Power for an electric motor!! Interesting anyway. Maybe the owner was a fisherman. Talk to you later guys. Best regards Sandpiper
  4. sandpiper

    sandpiper canoe builder

    Allo. I was reading back your post and I notice that we are looking at the bow seat. I don't know now if my opinion is still making sense when I talk about an electric motor. Maybe a backrest attachment. So keep on investigating, Bye for now
  5. OP
    ken mueller

    ken mueller Canton, Ohio

    Yes, it is wire... the last owner had wired the canoe for lights.
  6. anthony

    anthony Arrowslinger

    wired for lights? interesting.was it ambient or "headlight" style lighting? so, the sliding drawer could have contained the power source and possibly spare bulbs? no chance of recovering drawer? hmm...interesting
  7. OP
    ken mueller

    ken mueller Canton, Ohio

    I would guess it was wired for running lights, there are a couple of sockets along the gunwales and one at the stern. I don't think I will re-install them when I put new decks on. There is only one actual light remaining. Can anyone out there use it?

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  8. steve_hayes_maine

    steve_hayes_maine Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Maybe its a storage slot for a cane seat back

    What you picture under the seat looks remarkably like the storage rack for the cane back seat you can buy from Old Town. See

    When not in use in the upright position, the seat slides into the slots. Mine spent most of its time stored because I could never figure out how to comfortably paddle while leaning back. That was seldom a problem for the person in the bow (my wife or child) who favored comfort over efficiency.

    That said, it could have been made to accommodate any kind of sliding drawer or storage container, maybe even lunch. ;)

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