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What's in your Library?

Discussion in 'Books, Videos, and the Like' started by Fritz Koenig, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Fritz Koenig

    Fritz Koenig get out and put in

    I have begun a Canoeing Library to include books on builders and expeditions and ?. As I expect many members have done this or are interested I thought maybe some could share their must have or favorite titles.
  2. Rob Stevens

    Rob Stevens Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    I am currently reading, "Up the Creek; An Amazon Adventure", by John Harrison (1986).
    From the back cover; "A hazardous and gruelling Amazonian journey recounted with humour, disarming honesty and gusto. John Harrison's quest to reach the upper limit of the Jari River in Brazil and portage his canoe across the mountains into French Guiana is ambitious, flawed and just a little bit insane. But the trip itself, full of unexpected encounters, crippling bouts of malaria, moments of intense emotion and hours of crushing boredom, is as inspiring as the tales of the earliest adventurers."
  3. Billm

    Billm Canoes & Guideboats

    One of my most prized books is (was) Black Spruce Journals by Stewart Coffin. The book is a chronicle of some of Mr. Coffin’s epic canoe trips around North America. It’s out of print so one would have to find a copy from a used book dealer. There are some copies out there.
    Unfortunately, I loaned mine to a friend about five years ago and haven’t seen it since. Maybe it’ll show up some day.

    “Great Heart” by Jamie Davidson and John Rugge is a favorite, too.

    I also have book called “The Sound of White Water” by Hugh Fosburgh. It’s a fictional account of a canoe trip on the “Big River”. The Big River is clearly based on the Hudson River gorge. Fosburgh was a writer and naturalist who lived for a while at the North Woods Club near the Hudson in Minerva.
  4. pklonowski

    pklonowski Unrepentant Canoeist

    While it may not be specifically written for wooden canoes, "The Wind In The Willows"....
  5. OP
    Fritz Koenig

    Fritz Koenig get out and put in

  6. rakwetpaddle

    rakwetpaddle paddle dipper

    Books I have enjoyed:
    New York to Nome
    Hubbard, Wallace, and Mina Hubbard tales
    Canoeing With the Cree
    Braveheart (on George Elson, Hubbard's guide)

    more when I get to them.

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