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WCHA NW Chapter Fall Meet,September 18-20, 2015,Camp Sweyolakan, Lake Coeur d'Alene,

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Events' started by martin ferwerda, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. martin ferwerda

    martin ferwerda W/C Canoes

    Sweyolakan is a Camp Fire facility on the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene. The main difference from other places we have used is that the road doesn't go all the way to the camp entrance. We will park a short distance across the lake and paddle in from there.

    Map and driving directions are attached. (Google Maps will mislead you.)

    The parking area will accommodate vehicles and RVs. Camp is visible ½ mile across the lake. Canoeists can park, unload canoes, and paddle to camp with their provisions. The camp runs a motorized boat that can shuttle supplies across, but it will cost $50 per trip. It may be possible to use their war canoes to transport excess equipment. (I haven't made arrangements to use the shuttle as I assume most will paddle to camp. If you feel you might need to use it, please give me a call.)

    Accommodations include cabins with bunks, lean-tos, and a tent area.
    Dining Hall with full kitchen.

    Arrival: We can arrive anytime after 9:00 a.m. on Friday.
    $5 per person per night. (You will be asked to sign a CampFire waiver.)

    The activities agenda for the weekend is open. As usual, it will be Friday dinner on your own. Then we can discuss any suggestions for camp activities.

    We are all invited to visit the Camp's canoe restoration project and offer our input. We will also plan on ample time for exploration by canoe of the Lake near Camp. If you have a project , demonstration, or presentation, we would certainly appreciate your contribution. I'll have a more concise agenda upon arrival.

    Saturday night will be a potluck dinner. Bring a hot dish, side dish, salad or dessert to share. Then the usual auction!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the new venue.

    Additional info about Camp Sweyolakan that may help you plan your trip:

    There are mattresses on the bunks in the cabins.
    The dining hall has a walk-in kitchen, which may eliminate the need for transporting sacks of ice in your canoe.
    P.S. If you know of interested parties who don't have e-mail or haven't attended a meet before, please contact them about the meet.

    If you have questions or comments, please contact Vern Heikkila at or 360-268-9712.

    This information is also posted at:

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    martin ferwerda

    martin ferwerda W/C Canoes


    If you plan to use your canoe you will need to stop at the watercraft inspection site (located at truck weight station on I-90 just past Post Falls). Members will also need to purchase an Invasive Species sticker for each canoe. The cost is $7.00. Members can go on to the Idaho Invasive Species website to find out where a sticker can be purchased. I purchased mine at Cabella's (just east of state line on I-90 at Exit #1-Beck Rd.
    I also confirmed with the camp director that charcoal use will be ok only in the designated bbq area.
    If you wish to utilize, you will need to bring charcoal in.
    Look forward to having all of you visit.

    From the Idaho website:
    Purchase Invasive Species Sticker for Non-Motorized Vessel for 2015

    This $7.00 Invasive Species sticker is required to launch and operate any non-motorized vessel such as a canoe, kayak, raft, drift boat, etc. Inflatable non-motorized vessels under 10 feet in length are exempt.

    When purchasing stickers online, a printable receipt for proof of purchase will be provided and the actual stickers will be mailed within 48 hours.

    In order to comply with State law, the sticker is required to be placed on the vessel. The receipt of purchase will NOT be sufficient. Please plan accordingly.
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