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Vintage canoes looking for new homes

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by ReedLeb, Sep 10, 2019 at 1:59 PM.

  1. ReedLeb

    ReedLeb New Member

    I am helping get out some info out for Tom Whalen of Center Harbor NH (he has no digital capability).
    Tom is a former WCHA member and previous owner of Wild Meadows Paddle Sports in Center Harbor.
    Over several decades he has accumulated (rescued) over 2 dozen wooden vintage canoes of various ages, types, builders and conditions. Tom is selling his property in the NH Lakes Region and planing to move south in the near future. Before Tom has to be out of the barn, he is looking to get as many of his boats into the hands of folks who will give them a new life.
    He has too many boats to list but some are: 16' Nutting, 17' Carlton with sponsons, 17' Old Town Square stern rowing canoe, Old Town 17" sailing canoe, a variety of Old town canoes, 3 are 16' rowing canoes, and some of unknown builder. Some are pretty much water ready, most need some work, some are true "project" boats.
    Once the property and barn sells, the fate of these boats is in question. Time is of the essence.
    Tom would love to have folks stop by or give him a call to see if any can find a new home and new life.
    If interested, give Tom a call at 603-707-1183, or email me if there is any info (or photos) I can help with.
    Thanks and happy paddling,
    Reed Leberman

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