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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by dboles, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. dboles

    dboles LOVES Wooden Canoes

    This question starts out with a little story that goes like this:Once upon a time long ago .......before the big crash.There was a huge fountain of knowledge about wooden canoes and canoeing.People from all over could ask a question and have it answered almost magically .A query was put forth to the members of the forum about the availability of Verolite.Some of the members answered in an intelligent and friendly manner. A terrilble evemt happened and all knowledge and memory about canoes and specially verolite were cast into an electronic abyss. The goodguys perceviered(?) and are bringing knowledge to the light again.Pretty corny tale but hey the waters starting to get hard.
    Does anyone know of a Canadian source and possibly a price for verolite if still available?
  2. Dick Persson

    Dick Persson Canoe builder & restorer

    Hi Daniel,

    "Trailhead" in Toronto had it for sale (12oz 60" wide) for around $9.00 per lft a year or so ago.
    I have never used it, but I have removed it from many canoes. All of them showing severe mildew growth and premature rot on both hull and backside of canvas. Not a covering I would recommend. :eek:

    Dick Persson
    Headwater Wooden Boat Shop
  3. Larry Bowers

    Larry Bowers yellow cedar manipulator

    I agree with Dick, EVERY canoe I have ever removed it from had severe rot problems. I was amazed how well it trapped moisture. I would not recommend it.
  4. OP

    dboles LOVES Wooden Canoes

    A friend is looking for this material as a customer wants it replaced on a Tremblay.This canoe is in amazing shape for its age ,has been well taken care of except the verolite had quite a few patches from use .They origianally came with this material.
    I totally agree with the canvas myself.My limited experience with Verolite matches yours.A Chestnut Pal that was restored had a verolite skin,the owner told me it never saw water after he had the the canoe recanvassed with verolite, just outside storage. This canoe had the same problems you mentioned I know of another very finely cared for Tremblay that is developing problems because of this material.
    On another note does anyone have experience recanvassing with verolite it seems that a person may encounter problems when buttoning up the stem ends as this material doesnt seem to want to stretch that much.

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