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Tripping canoe is filled.

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Fitz, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Fitz

    Fitz Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    Well, I got the filler on a 1970 vintage Chestnut Prospector today. Son Brendan, age 6 took the pictures.

    Them deep Prospectors are a lot of boat. My arm is sore. ;)

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  2. dboles

    dboles LOVES Wooden Canoes

    We ll just have to give you an atta boy Fitz.You can put your feet up until the filler cures hopefuuly the arm isnt too sore to hoist a pint in celebration or maybe your amb... ambid... ambidex... can use your other arm.
    Whats next?
  3. robin

    robin LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Fitz, Gotta love those Chestnuts. Tell your son he knows how to take a good picture, got you right there in the middle. Does your shop have heat, or does the temps not effect the filler? I have always done mine in warm weather, once in a heated shop, so I'm not sure myself. Nice job, keep Brendan sending those pictures.(He dosn't know how to download them also does he, if so, have him email me instructions) :confused:
  4. OP

    Fitz Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    Heat Wanted

    No, Robin. My "shop" has no heat. I posted the pictures in part to see what people thought of that too. I filled my last canoe in cool weather and noticed no ill effects with the filler. Yesterday was even colder. I mixed the filler and kept it warm until immediately before application. The filler seemed to be drying fine last night. The only drawback I noticed is the hand rubbing seemed to go slightly harder.

    Any thoughts out there?

    I would like to upgrade the garage- er eh, I mean "shop" to include some warmth.
  5. Mark Adams

    Mark Adams all wood nut

    I have noticed...

    That the canoes I have filled in the winter seem to come out just fine. You are right though, the hand rub takes a bit longer. I end up with a better finish though as the filler doesn't want to ball up under the mitt. In the summer here, it is usually in the high 80's or low 90's when I fill. Turns filling into a weight loss excercise too!

  6. Ron Carter

    Ron Carter WCHA # 7925

    How cold is cold?

    I have to ask as I'm almost ready to canvas. It's been below zero at night and only in the teens during the day. I can warm the shop with the wood stove but there isn't enough wood on the place to keep it heated over night.
    I was going to wait for warmer weather or hang the canoe in the dining room to cure. I also have not decided on a filler which may also have an effect on the temperatures required I suspect. Would appreciate any comments.
  7. OP

    Fitz Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    Winter drying.


    The temperature Saturday was probably in the mid 20'sF. The filler today monday was still slightly tacky, but you can smell it 50 feet from the closed up "shop". So something must be drying - right? :eek: It will be cold here this week. Zero nights and low digits during the day for the remainder of the week.

    The last canoe I did was probably above freezing, but not my much, on filling day. It probably dried for 8 weeks before I got around to painting.

    I intend to leave the boat alone for the rest of the winter. Plenty of dry time.

    I'll report back if I witness any bad effects.

    Good luck,


    PS. dboles - I'm working on a Guide. I'm caning seats for it now. I'm waiting to varnish that one when the weather moderates. I'm thinking of stripping a 15 foot Robertson, that's been in the cue a couple of years. Then there's my Dad's boat, and another Guide etc. etc. etc. etc. :rolleyes: :confused: :( :cool: :eek: :mad: :p ;) :D
  8. Dan Lindberg

    Dan Lindberg Ex Wood Hoarder

    Good work Fitz,

    Let us know how it turns out, re, the cold temp when applied.

    Thou with the cold weather we've had the last few days, I think I'll wait before doing any work in the garage. (-15 down south here in MPLS, -30 to -40's up North. We've been getting some of Dan B's weather. )


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