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Todays Trip

Discussion in 'Adirondack Guideboats' started by Charger, May 25, 2014.

  1. Charger

    Charger Woodworker

    Hey Everyone, Today I am headed over to Galway Lake. It's about 9 miles from my house and it is a very nice small manmade lake. It is also a private lake. I got permission from a great guy who owns a camp on the lake and will be putting in at his camp. I want to tahnk him in advance for this opportunity. Thanks, Kurt. I'll post some pictures either tonight or tomorrow. Have a great Holiday Weekend Everyone. Lance
  2. OP

    Charger Woodworker

    The boat trip went very well. I paddled & rowed for 4.89 miles and it took 2 hours & 45 minutes. I stopped at different times to talk with other boaters about the lake and they asked about my Guide Boat. Had a great time right up till the skies OPENED UP and it POURED. Lucky for me I was close to where I put in and didn't get to wet. I couldn't take any pics because it was way to bright for me to see the screen on my phone. Sorry about that.Here is a link to Google Maps of my trip today. It has stats. This is so cool.

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