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The Scarcity of Canoe Birch

Discussion in 'Birchbarks, Dugouts and Primitive Craft' started by tostig, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. JBP689

    JBP689 Betula Canoe

    Hi HarryA. Yep, I'm still here in hot, dry Georgia. Glad you found the map informative. It is some years old and may need a revision though. Where did you find it?
    I left my archives at the University in Minnesota. I'm finding my stuff on Amazon too, so I'm a bit worried. Still have plans to publish so I need to keep raps on my intellectual property. Any favorite publishers you'd like to recommend? LMK. Jay
  2. beaver

    beaver Birchbark CanoeingBuilder

    What does this message have to do with The Scarcity of Canoe Birch???????:confused:
  3. JBP689

    JBP689 Betula Canoe

    Sorry if it doesn't fit directly. I just started using the forum and used the wrong reply method I guess. I was looking for a personal reply to HarryA as he had previously listed/linked (back in post #6) a map I had of the birch distribution. Jay
  4. OP

    tostig Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Keep my thread alive.:)

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