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Stowe Canoes

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by dboles, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. dboles

    dboles LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Was looking through an older canoeing book.There was a picture of a canoe photo credit was from the Stowe Canoe Company.It was definately a cedar canvas boat.I do not remember this companies canoes being disscussed here.The book was from the 70s.Did Stowe build canoes or just label and sell somebody elses canoes? Any information??
  2. Dave Osborn

    Dave Osborn LIFE MEMBER

    I've seen a couple of Stowe canoes. They were wood/fiberglass. I believe that they are still in business.
  3. OP

    dboles LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Looking through some more books today Darned if I didnt find another picture of a Stowe Canoe.This one is on page 35 of Pole Paddle and Portage B Riviere.Sure looks to be a cedar canvas boat, unless its fibre glass with ribs.
  4. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    According to the USCG site, Stowe Canoe Company went out of business in 1991. They were wood ribs inset into a fiberglass hull. Merrimack makes similar canoes today with cherry ribs in glass or kevlar hulls. The ribs are 1/16" thick.

  5. EC Whiting

    EC Whiting Ed W

    I have a Stowe Canoe I bought in 1996 all fiberglass...wooden mesh sheets ...great canoe but have to get rid of it...does any one know where a good posting place might be?
  6. Paul Reagan

    Paul Reagan Curious about Wooden Canoes

    The Stowe Canoe Company was started in the early 70's by Bob Hartt. The canoes were 13' and 15' and were actually called Mansfield canoes. I think they also made an eleven footer, but not many. They were a very unusual canoe, molded of fiberglas, wth very thin mahogany ribs and wood stems and keel. They were about 39" or 40" in beam. Because of there beam, they were very stable and used predominantly for fishing.
    Bob sold the company in the late 80's to an investment group who also owned "Vermont Tubbs" a prominent snowshoe manufacturer. The canoe end of the company seemed to fade and it went out of business in about 1991. The Merrimac canoe, made in southern NH was very similar as was one (which name escapes me) made in Tennessee. I know nothing about the present situation of these companies.
    If more info is needed, I can probably get it as Bob is still going strong and lives in Vermont and Quebec. Also, my dates and dimensions might be off, but not by much.
  7. Benson Gray

    Benson Gray Canoe History Enthusiast Staff Member

    The Merrimack Canoe Company is still in business although they have moved from Merrimack, NH to Crossville, TN. The site at has a short history of their evolution.

  8. Paul Reagan

    Paul Reagan Curious about Wooden Canoes

    As an addendum to my previous post, I guess I was confused about the "Merrimack Canoe" location. The one in NH and the one in Tennessee were the same campany, just relocated.
    I think that my confusion stems from the fact there there was another canoe of similar construction made in southern NH or southern ME by a fellow named David Moseley. He may not have made them, but he did sell them. I believe he called them the "Allagash Canoe", not to be confused with a canoe of the same name currently being marketed by Old Town Canoe.
  9. yellowlabs

    yellowlabs New Member

    I believe that Merrimack Canoes no longer answers emails. I am looking for a used Merrimack Canoe(preferably a Tennesean) or a used Stowe canoe. Does anyone know where I might find one? Thanks Frank Jones
  10. joanh

    joanh New Member

    stowe canoe

    I have a Stowe canoe from 1979. It has been stored in a barn for 20 years so does need some work. It is a fiberglass with wood ribs and ends. Let me know if you are still looking.

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