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Discussion in 'General WCHA Business' started by Benson Gray, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE This is a late nineteenth century Thomas Gordon canoe which turned up in a pig barn a few years ago close to the River Thames in the UK where it had sat for 30+ years. After a thorough restoration it was put back on the water again by Alick Burt. A recent dousing in “boat soup” means that it is watertight and in use for a further century. Pictured here on a misty morning at Beale Park. Photo Nick Dennis. #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoes #canadiancanoemuseum
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  2. dtdcanoes

    dtdcanoes LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Hi, NICK.... Love the photo and it begs for Spring here. I have a Strickland of the same vintage and the boats are very much alike. Mine was found in Brighton and it was a great pleasure to restore. I have yet to find the correct design for the 2 board floor rack as there is no keelson , but the clips are extant and original with no evidence of there being any holding the center of the rack. Did you find a rack with your boat ?
    I'm thinking time for some " boat soup ". Stay well. Dave De Vivo
  3. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

    SNOW DAY: The Old Town Canoe Company would occasionally run out of space to store canoes at the factory while the filler cured. Sam Gray's back yard is one place where canoes would be stacked for storage. His children would help by going out to sweep them off when it snowed. This picture is not dated but these boys were born in 1912 and 1913 so it was not too many years after that. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #oldtowncanoe #oldtownmaine
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  4. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Hi Dave,

    From memory there were no boards or floor rack with the Thomas Gordon. With my 1900 cedar Rib there were 4 boards held by brass clips and swivels into the stringers and the keel. The trick is having screw long enough to do the job but not too long......:(
  5. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

  6. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    GETTING DUST AND DIRT OUT OF INACCESSABLE PLACES There is considerable fitting to do in manufacturing a canoe-especially if it's going to be water-tight. Before varnishing, it is essential to have the surface free of dust and dirt. The Old Town canoe factory has a stationary vacuum system" was the caption for this photograph in the May, 1922 issue of "Factory" magazine. #wcha #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #oldtowncanoe #oldtownmaine
  7. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON A beautiful nighttime paddle by at the WCHA Assembly held at Paul Smiths in the Adirondacks. The event is held each year in July with activities throughout the day and evening. A must not miss event for those interested in Wooden canoes and to meet likeminded folk in a superb setting. #woodencanoeheritageassociation#paulsmiths
  8. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    INTO THE WILDERNESS: Kate Prince and Frank Billue running the ledge above the Pyramid Hills on the George River, Quebec in a Headwaters Canoes 17' Prospector, 'ultralight', with Variable Rib Spacing. A canoe perfect for extended wilderness trips and putting the canoe through its paces. Definitely doing what the canoe was built to do. Photo by Wendy Scott. #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #georgeriver #headwaterscanoes
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  9. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    HERITAGE THE BIRTH OF THE MODERN CANOE. Thomas Gordon started manufacturing canoes in Lakefield Ontario in 1861. The design is typical of that area and very recognisable #woodencanoeheritageassociation #canadiancanoemuseum #woodencanoe
  10. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

    CEDAR CITY!: The WCHA Assembly is the one time each year that the universe of wooden canoes converges in one place for 4 days of fun, learning, and sharing. Cedar City naturally becomes the center of the event, and the lawn is covered with a hundred or more canoes of all types, ages, and conditions, from elegant restorations to “needs a little work”. Vendors supply our members with parts, restoration supplies, and expertise, and everyone is willing to lend a hand in the construction tent, or share a thought on the vintage of an old canoe. This photo was taken at Assembly 2007 at Keuka College. The four extraordinary canoes in the foreground were lovingly restored by Dave DeVivo from Rochester, NY. #wchaorg #canoe #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoe #keukalake
  11. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    A SCENE OF SERENITY: This is a picture which accompanied a sales advertisement for Cedar Rib canoes in London in the late 19th Century. Isn’t this how a Sunday afternoon on the river should be? #woodencanoeheritageassociation #canadiancanoemuseum #peterboroughcanoe #woodcanoe
  12. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    WILDERNESS: Alexandra Conover prepares to run a short outflow pitch just below Allagash Falls on the Allagash River in Maine. It is early October 2009, on the second to last day of a low water trip. Her bark canoe is a Steve Cayard fifteen-footer, and she is using one of her own North Woods paddles. #wcha #canoe #canoetrip #adventuretime #woodencanoeheritageassociation #allagashwildernesswaterway #allagashriver #woodencanoe
  13. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    TIME FOR REFLECTION: A 1950s Chestnut Playmate captured on a very calm day on Barton Broad in the UK. Restored and paddled by Sam Browning #woodencanoeheritageassociation #chestnutcanoe Photo by Nick Dennis
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  14. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    CALL FOR CALENDAR PHOTOS: It’s that time of year when we ask WCHA members to seek out photos for the wonderful WCHA Calendar. The last two years, the calendars have sold out, and we
    would like to make that a tradition. Your photos can be any canoe
    related subject matter (canoe portraits, canoe workshops, action
    shots). Anything that would be a good representation of the WCHA.
    They can be taken at any time, so go back through your archives, and
    try to find ones that are horizontal in orientation.

    Email your images to, or you can share them via
    Dropbox. #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodcanoe #canadiancanoemuseum

  15. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

    SPRINGTIME- With the arrival of spring paddlers reach for their canoes and paddles. We all need to remember and hone our skills and events everywhere allow us to engage with others. A popular event in Europe is Kringlefieber in Germany which has taken place in early May over the years. Check the ACA for an event near you. Canoes and people of all shapes, style and age! #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoes #kringelfieber #americancanoeassociation
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  16. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

    GOING, GOING,GONE! One great attraction for many at the WCHA Annual Assembly is the auction and raffle. Donations of suitable items would be gratefully received. Attend the event and bid away. You never know what you may take home with you! 2022 Assembly, Paul Smiths NY. July 12th-17th #woodencanoeheritageassociation #canadiancanoemuseum #paulsmithscollege

  17. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

    DUCK OR DUCT? A roll of tape has to be an essential part of any wood/canvas paddlers kit. Here Sam Browning of the UK Chapterhad found a 1910 Rushton Navahoe deteriorating in a shed. Out with the tape and off he went. #woodencanoeheritageassociation #woodencanoes #rushtoncanoe


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  18. Rob Stevens

    Rob Stevens Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

  19. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes


    THE LIGHT SHINES ON THE RIGHTEOUS: the sun picked out this wooden strip canoe from the flotilla. This was the Dutch Open Kano Festival which is held annually in September in the National Park Weerribben-Wieden - Ossenzijl Netherlands. A nice relaxed event in a typical Dutch landscape………Flat! #woodencanoeheritageassociation #openkanofestival #woodcanoe
  20. Blott

    Blott LOVES Wooden Canoes

    WONDERFUL WOOD: The beauty of the combination of woods and grain patterns add to the individuality of wooden canoes. Here is the deck details of a canoe spotted at the WCHA Assembly in Peterborough Ontario a few years ago. #woodencanoeheritageassociation #canadiancanoemuseum #woodcanoe

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