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Snowshoe 12 Skin on Frame needs new coating

Discussion in 'Strippers, Stitch-n-Glue, and Other Wood Composite' started by smallboatshop, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. smallboatshop

    smallboatshop Restorers

    Linda's old skin on frame is leaking a little. There are no holes just some wear. Would a couple of coats of varnish be the proper treatment?

    Thanks, Dan
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  2. Jim Dodd

    Jim Dodd LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Did you build it ?
  3. OP

    smallboatshop Restorers

    Hi Jim,

    It was a kit that was assembled by a friend. Linda has had it since the 80's.

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  4. mccloud

    mccloud "Tiger Rag" back on the tidal Potomac In Memoriam

    GABOATS.COM is still around. Might be worth an email to them. Do you know what it was originally coated with? Varnish over varnish should be an OK combination. TM..
  5. OP

    smallboatshop Restorers

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