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Quiet Water Symposium

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Events' started by dmd421, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. dmd421

    dmd421 Debbie Darga

    The Michigan Chapter will have a booth in the arena at QWS this Saturday March 4th at Michigan State University, Lansing Michigan. Hope to see you there.
    DSCN6087.jpg DSCN6089.jpg DSCN6093.jpg DSCN6084.jpg
  2. Gil Cramer

    Gil Cramer The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.

    We will be canvassing Russ Hick's Penn Yan kingfisher sq. stern canoe in the morning and filling it in the afternoon. Stop by anytime. If you haven't applied filler, this is your opportunity. Gloves and mitts provided.
  3. Dave Wermuth

    Dave Wermuth Who hid my paddle?

    Will we be white washing any picket fences too, Mr. Tom Sawyer? See you there, I have not forgotten..
  4. Gil Cramer

    Gil Cramer The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.

    Sorry, no fences. Think of it as FREE instruction. How often do you receive such a great offer??
  5. OP

    dmd421 Debbie Darga

    Had a great day seeing many friends at QWS today. We registered 5 new members and renewed 1.
    2017-03-04 10.31.09.jpg 2017-03-04 10.31.19.jpg 2017-03-04 11.50.21.jpg 2017-03-04 14.06.34.jpg 2017-03-04 14.06.48.jpg
  6. OP

    dmd421 Debbie Darga

    a few more pics from QWS

    2017-03-04 09.45.21.jpg 2017-03-04 09.45.36.jpg 2017-03-04 15.27.22.jpg

    Laurie and Seth Vukonich were excited to win the basket John and Wendy Kimpel donated to the raffle. They along with Alex Guthro will be taking a canoe building class next month at Pam Wedd's.
  7. Alex Guthro

    Alex Guthro LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Thank you for the photos Debbie!
  8. woodcanoenut

    woodcanoenut 1914 Old Town Charles River

    Great show! thanks for the pics!

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