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Pictures needed for Assembly video

Discussion in 'Annual Assembly' started by Kathryn Klos, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Kathryn Klos

    Kathryn Klos squirrel whisperer

    I'm putting together a YouTube video of Assembly 2010 using pictures taken by others (because I wasn't there). The pictures that have been shared so far are great, and I'd love to use them. The video will be about 3 minutes long, and will thrill the masses.

    If you've posted pictures or picture-links and DO NOT want me using your pictures, please say so. You may email me directly if you'd like, at

    I have no problem downloading the pictures that appear as thumbnails on this site, but some of the picture-hosting websites don't permit downloading unless I "join"... and I'd rather get your permission to use the pictures you'd like me to use than to join and snarf them.

    Anyone can send pictures directly to me, if you'd like--

    I'd especially like to have more pictures with children in them.

    YouTube videos are a great form of "outreach". I received word that a couple came to this year's Assembly because they watched one of my Assembly videos and learned about the WCHA. How cool is that!?

    So... send or post what you want to share... thanks!


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