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Photos Needed for Assembly "Old Canoe Music" Presentation

Discussion in 'Annual Assembly' started by mccloud, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. mccloud

    mccloud "Tiger Rag" back on the tidal Potomac In Memoriam

    If you read the events schedule which was printed in the spring Wooden Canoe (issue 212, p.20) for our upcoming WCHA Assembly, you might have noticed that I am on that schedule to give a presentation about "Music from the Golden Age of Canoeing". In keeping with the theme of Assembly of canoes a hundred years old, the plan is to play 7 audios which were recorded around 100 years ago. While the music plays, a variety of images will be projected, some archival, some current, with the lyrics of some songs appearing across the top of the screen. The overall structure and timing of these 7 songs is set, but with about 140 images required I need your help. I really need a dozen or so quality images of canoes in use, afloat, particularly courting canoes, blue canoes, fancy canoes of all sorts, paddlers in period costume, etc. I really need an excellent photo of an Old Town built during the 19-teens. Please email your favorite images to me (tommccld@gmail), at least a few meg in size, for possible inclusion in the show, and add the names of the paddlers in the photo and some info about the canoe itself. Here are the 7 songs in the presentation:
    1. Then We Canoe-dle-oodle Along (1929)
    2. A Little Birch Canoe and You (1918)
    3. Where the Dreamy Wabash Flows (1924)
    4. Paddle Your Own Canoe (1905)
    5. Blue River (1927)
    6. Out In My Old Town Canoe (1916)
    7. Paddlin' Madelin Home (1925)
    Maybe these titles will jog your memory into finding a photo which fits right in! I hope you will enjoy the show. Thanks for your help in improving this program with your photos. Tom McCloud
  2. Benson Gray

    Benson Gray Canoe History Enthusiast Staff Member

  3. OP

    mccloud "Tiger Rag" back on the tidal Potomac In Memoriam

    Thanks, Benson, these will help a lot. I've already incorporated a couple.
    For those of you who live a long way from Paul Smiths and won't be attending, please send us your photos. We would like to see what you have been paddling. Tom McCloud

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