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Ontario Manufacturers/Restorers??

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by cbntmkr, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. cbntmkr

    cbntmkr Canoeist, Scouter

    Hey All, I will be travelling in Ontario mainly up the 400 from Toronto to parry Sound, or Oshawa to Parry Sound. Does anyone know a restorer in this area who might invite a visitor to discuss restoration or construction of wood/canvas or wood/fibreglass ? Also I am restoring a wood canoe which currently has 4 layers of glass on it. I have seen a lot of discussion about canvas, but not so much about fibreglass. What are the merits of fibreglass if any? The canoe I have, I have not been able to identify yey but am working on it anyway. I have stripped off the fibreglass and am turning to the relacement wood now, but I really need to decide which way to go so I know how fussy I need to be about the wood and joints.

    Also can I fill the various gaps between the existing ends of the planks before canvassing, or is this a no-no.
  2. Tim Hewitt

    Tim Hewitt WCHA Member in Maine

    Take a look at the Builders and Suppliers Directory for Ontario and see who might be willing to have you visit. Pam Wedd would be my first choice in Parry Sound - however there are other good ones in the region.

  3. OP

    cbntmkr Canoeist, Scouter

    Thank You Tim,
    I did not know that this directory existed. I will look up Pam for my next trip.

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