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NW Chapter Fall Meet Manning Provincial Park, B.C. September 18-21, 2022

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Events' started by martin ferwerda, Jul 29, 2022.

  1. martin ferwerda

    martin ferwerda W/C Canoes

    Just FYI,
    Northwest Chapter Fall Meet! is planned for September 18-21, 2022
    Manning Provincial Park, B.C.

    • This Meet will be Sunday—Wednesday
    • Campsite opens 3 pm Sunday Sept 18.
    • Directions on Postcard in August
    • Auction Tuesday afternoon: bring $$$ and great items!
    • Potluck Tuesday evening; bring something to share.
    • Canadians: please bring firewood.
    • Americans: remember passports.
    • Everyone: remember woolies and toques!
  2. OP
    martin ferwerda

    martin ferwerda W/C Canoes

    Hi All,
    Be aware that there is a Fire affecting the Manning park area, the Chapter Board is keeping an eye on the situation for the meet.
    And a note from Mike:
    As of now, the fall meet is still on, though you may pray for some rain.

    We are watching the fire activity in manning park for the fall meet. Lightning Lakes and the Manning Park Resort are within the fire evacuation alert zone for the Heather Lake Fire. Note that this is an alert not an evacuation order.

    Boudi has spoken with both the resort and the park and they are currently open, though a bit smoky.

    We will send an update Friday evening and cancel if the alert becomes an order or if access from Hope in the west is closed.

    Hope to see to you there

    Mike Livdahl
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2022
  3. OP
    martin ferwerda

    martin ferwerda W/C Canoes

    Hi All
    See note from Mike below and also for those crossing the border, remember to bring passports, and to complete the Arrive Can forms in advance. Link here:

    Fall Meet on Lightning Lakes at Manning Park is on. Lone Duck is open for recreation.

    A couple days of rain have tamed the fires!

    The Heather Lake Fire is listed as under control and is no longer considered a wild fire of note. You can see latest update at link below.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you Sunday!

    Mike Livdahl

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