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New Member And My Canoes

Discussion in 'Guestbook' started by GaryC, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. GaryC

    GaryC New Member

    I own 2 cedar canvas canoes from the 70s. One is a 16 ft Harold Gates built in Nova Scotia about 1978. The other is a 15 ft Faber built in quebec. At 66 yr old i am considering selling them. I have not used them in many years. Garage stored in excellent condition. In the meantime i am interested in other peoples comments about these models.
  2. millie_sass

    millie_sass Canoe anybody?

    It's great to see a new member. Welcome. I am wondering why you want to dispose of your canoes. Keep them, dust them off, and use them. Find some canoe buddies; the internet makes it easier these days.
    There are other members who will know and comment about the model of canoes you have, but I want to give a little pep talk:

    There is no age limit on enjoying your wonderful old canoes. Many of us in WCHA could be considered senior citizens, but we continue to enjoy our canoes. Yes, it gets a bit harder to load them onto the top of a car or trailer, and yes, they sometimes need some repairs, but all-in-all we have great fun. By the way, besides enjoying our wood/canvas canoes many of us also invest in lightweight solo canoes or "beater" canoes to use when there aren't extra people aren't around to load and/or we don't want to take our wood/canvas canoes onto rough and rocky moving water. Many of us also invite our children and grandchildren to enjoy our canoes. There is probably some history and a few tales that you could pass along about your canoes too.

    I certainly enjoy the old wood/canvas canoe that was stored in my mother's garage for 35 years unused -- am oh so very glad that it came to me instead of being sold. It doesn't see the water every week during the summer - in fact maybe only once or twice each canoe season - but I am pleased even just to see it hanging above my cars in the garage.​
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  3. GaryC, I had the same dilemma last year with two canoes which were wood canvas. I kept one to restore since it I had such a long history with it. The one I sold was just too heavy for me to handle alone. It was built by Joe Seliga in Ely, MN. It is a very fine canoe in excellent condition. I hated to part with it,but I just didn't want just to see it gathering dust. I could have given it to the kids, but then it would just be gathering dust in a different garage. I still keep in touch with the purchaser and he uses it a lot and that makes me feel good.

    Wood and canvas #2, a Chestnut Pal, I bought in the 70's and used it all over North America. Now restoration is complete and I use it when I have a partner. I also have a 14' solo, wooden, locally made, but not cedar, weighs 40#. So I use that a lot. I will keep this one too.

    I should say, also, that I am 69 with a back injury that limits me in some ways. To help with that I bought a one person canoe loader, a great thing to ease the work a bit. Also trailers work good for hauling heavier canoes as well.

    You have to do what fits you best. Anyway, Welcome to the "club."

    Mark V.
  4. MikeD

    MikeD New Member

    I’m new here too. Hope it’s going good on here for you

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