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Morris Stem Band Lenght With Keel

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Scott Rowe, May 7, 2018.

  1. Scott Rowe

    Scott Rowe Random Adventurer

    Looking ahead to reattaching a new stem band (will be trying to use rivets). Trying to find out how far along the keel it extends? Or total length. It is a Morris ca 1915 17 foot open gunwale. There are old holes in keel but it did not have the original stem band so it is not a great indicator. Thanks.
  2. Paul Scheuer

    Paul Scheuer LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Scott: The outer stems on my Morris Mollitor are intact, but were not attached. The stem bands were missing. They show countersinked holes where they were riveted to the inner stems and show smaller holes where apparently the stem bands were attached with screws. The stem band holes are spaced irregularly, approximately 5 inches apart. There is one screw hole about 2 inches from the outer stem-to-keel joint. There is one larger hole nearer the ends of the keel, apparently for a screw into the splayed inner stem. All other holes in the keel are for screws driven at each rib from the inside of the boat. There is one small hole in each of the long-deck battens, about 1/2 inch from the peak. Hope this helps.
  3. OP
    Scott Rowe

    Scott Rowe Random Adventurer

    Thanks Paul. I'm guessing it looks like 4ft of stem band material should do it. I'm toying with the idea of using 1/2 wide stock as the stems got fatter when I didn't pay attention
    to the stem rebuild and face laminating. If I use 3/8 I get the hollow back advantage and the original configuration but leave the shoulders of the stem/canvas exposed to potential damage. 1/2 stock would have to be flat backed and although my stem faces are very flat still won't be perfect fit. So many details to pay attention to. Right now I'm getting overlap marks on my paint job so have to add more paint flow product. But I digress. Thanks again.
  4. Craig Allen

    Craig Allen Curious about Wooden Canoes

    The brass stem piece on my Morris (serial #12560) is 51-3/8" long. It also wraps around the top and extends about 7/8" on the deck. The end of it is bevelled.
  5. OP
    Scott Rowe

    Scott Rowe Random Adventurer

    Exactly what I needed Thanks Craig.

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