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Moose-Hide Canoe

Discussion in 'Canoe Photo Index' started by beaver, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. beaver

    beaver Birchbark CanoeingBuilder

    Four Moose-hide canoe built at the Great Lakes Traditional Arts Gathering on Drummond Island in Michigans' Upper Peninsula. Gunwales, ribs. stems and planking are white birch saplings.

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  2. Roger Young

    Roger Young display sample collector

    Neat boat, Ferdy!!
    Does the moose hide tend to soak up water after a few days? Do you have to dry them or let them rest for a couple of days? I know with walrus skin umiaks, they say that they have to be pulled out and allowed to dry so they don't become waterlogged. Just wondering how deer hide or moose hide react? I also noticed that there isn't a whole lot of sheathing like you see with bark canoes - just one long piece along the bilge. What about the floor area? Does that have to be protected? Weight?? Carrying capacity??

    PS: right after posting this, I saw the thread for the video, and may have found answers to some of my questions. Interesting stuff. Thanks.
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