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MITA (Maine Island trail) experiences?

Discussion in 'Places to Paddle' started by Denise MsWdnBoat, May 19, 2015.

  1. Denise MsWdnBoat

    Denise MsWdnBoat Breaker of tradition

    It's on my bucket list now. Never got there when my son was here :(

    I most likely will go out with an outfitters group rather than my own craft, but I would love for anyone here to share experiences you had on MIT trips in Maine.

    I'll be getting a membership for the MITA soon, Even if I don't make a trip.

    "Baby steps" are always best of course; Day trips, short overnight jaunts, etc "Expedition" is no longer part of my vocabulary :) I do/did have quite a bit of survival, and wilderness experience but it's been years since I've been "out there"


  2. kayamedic

    kayamedic Kim Gass

    Sure.. Over 20 years we have made a number of trips and have been long time MITA members. We live in Maine and its nice to have access to other than the 46 public islands which are sometimes overused. We like the more pristine private islands we can use.

    Its not surprising that wooden canoeists didn't respond. We do have sea canoes and they are not wood.. Brass and saltwater are not friends. Wooden canoes tend to be held together with brass tacks.

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