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Little friend...

Discussion in 'Canoe Photo Index' started by chris pearson, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. chris pearson

    chris pearson Michigan Canoe Nut

    Another Sunday of sailing with my daughter. She found this little guy on the beach!

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  2. Ed Moses

    Ed Moses LOVES Wooden Canoes


    This little guy was in the nest from last year, probably a late nest that did not get sufficient warmth to hatch in the aug/Sept period as most other painted turtrles so the eggs remain in the ground over winter and hatch in the spring. This is a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me, a reptilian embryoe that can be frozen solid and then be alive and viable to hatch the following spring !!

  3. OP
    chris pearson

    chris pearson Michigan Canoe Nut

    Wow, I had no clue!

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