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J. R. Robertson "Lap Rib" Construction Camp Special, 16'

Discussion in 'Canoe Photo Index' started by rschaaf, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. rschaaf

    rschaaf New Member

    Thank you to Dan Miller for providing a copy of the 1938 Robertson brochure that provides a description of the Robertson company, Lap-Rib construction and the "Camp Special" model.

    From the brochure about the Robertson Company and Lap-Rib construction:
    "Years of painstaking study, coupled with master workmanship, has developed the ROBERTSON line of canvas covered light craft. Beautiful in line, light in construction, yet sturdily built, and easy to handle. ROBERTSON canoes and small boats are built over solid forms which insure a uniform standard of perfection achieved in no other way. Canoes, kayaks, rows boats, yacht tenders and utility boats are built of cedar planking and ribs, covered with heavy canvas and with OUTSIDE OAK STEMS AND KEELS. In addition, an exclusive ROBERTSON feature is the "LAP-RIB" construction which gives double strength on the bottom."​

    From the brochure about the "Camp Special" canoe:
    "The 16 ft. Camp Special, open gunwale, 35 in. beam is designed to withstand the rough usage of camps. The Lap-Rib construction gives double strength on the bottom and the outside oak stem and keel means long life and low repair costs. Weight 66 lbs."​

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