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Important news –

Discussion in 'Scale and Miniature Canoe Models' started by Roger Young, May 13, 2016.

  1. Roger Young

    Roger Young display sample collector

    On July 15th, WCHA will be hosting a fabulous exhibit of very early North American canoe factory 'display samples' (aka salesman's samples) at its Annual Assembly, held at Paul Smiths, NY, in the beautiful Adirondacks. This exhibit will be unique and not to be missed. It will feature many samples well over 100 years old, of which only one or two are even known to exist – e.g.: Ontario Canoe 1880; Peterborough, Rice Lake and Chestnut 1895-1920; several early Kennebec, Old Town and Carleton 1905-1925; many others as well, hopefully including the only known Rushton. A broad selection of early sample paddles will accompany the canoes. It is unusual to see so many competing samples in one room at the same time. This will be a truly rare opportunity to view and study them. Everyone is welcome to attend; open to non-members also. If you have a sample model and would like to be part of our show, please contact myself or Benson Gray. 'Assembly' runs from July 12th - 17th, with many events scheduled throughout. The 'display sample' exhibit will take place on July 15th only, from 9:00 am until noon. All entries will be documented and photographed for historical records and possible inclusion in a book. We look forward to having you join us. Please help spread the word..... Thank you.

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