How to remove vinyl pin-striping tape?


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I’ve recently re-shellacked the bottom of the hull of my Island Falls wood canvas canoe, and realize that there are areas of the pin-striping tape coming off (which has been placed at the waterline between the shellac and the painted canvas). This 1/4” tape separates the painted canvas from the shellac. I would like to take it off and replace it with a different color. Is there a safe way to do this that doesn’t mess up the shellac, the paint, or the canvas? It’s quite sticky.

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Dave Osborn

Normally I would think that some kind of solvent would do the job, but acetone, alcohol, or thinner might give you a problem with removal of the paint and shellac.
Maybe try a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. I think a heat gun would be to hot.


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Just use some gentle heat which as Dave says will soften the glue. Pull the tape away as flat to the hull as you can pulling back on itself. That way should not rip the paint beneath off.