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How do you tip and roll?

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by victorw, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. victorw

    victorw Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    I'm just asking not because I havn't got a clue, but because I tried it at first with Epifanes Werdol, and it was a failure!. The Werdol was too thick and set too quickly so even though I rolled just a little before tipping, the paint was already too tacky for my foam brush to make any difference other than a few gouges.

    With primers should this be expected? Is it just me or just using the foam roller by itself to cross horizontal strokes with vertical works better than using a foam brush?

    Today in Toronto it's been cloudy, less than 20 degrees. The Werdol seems to have made a smooth, mildly dimpled finish.... I guess my concern has more to do with the fact that I envisioned tipping being a fairly smooth draw of the brush across my horizontal rolling, instead it ended up being a bit of a tacky drag.

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  2. Canerodz

    Canerodz Trout Bum

    I have never used the paint you are using, but if it is too thick it has to be thinned to a brushing consistency so it will flow. I have never used a foam brush, either, but a natural bristle, sorta high grade brush.

    The dimpling look like orange peel? If so that is symptomatic of a thick coat of paint. Probably the fussiest job for me, painting and varnishing anything smaller than a house. Practice makes perfect!

    Go talk to somebody at a commercial paint store that knows what he's talking about. Go in the middle of the afternoon when they are generally less busy. They can be a real wealth of information.

    Best of luck! You'll figure it out quickly.
  3. OP

    victorw Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes

    Thanks for replying

    Werdol is one of Epifane's primers. But here's a question, what is good brushing consistency and flow? Should it be runny like milk? Thick like maple syrup? Should it just be runny enough to draw a brush down the rolled strokes smoothly? Or is this tackiness that I'm seeing just part of Werdol itself?
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  4. Canerodz

    Canerodz Trout Bum

    I'm sure someone who knows this paint will chime in. Brushing consistency is just thin enough so that the paint flows well onto the surface being painted and doesn't "grab" the brush. You don't want to thin it any more than you absolutely have to for good performance and a reasonable dry time.

    I imagine the paint company will have a help line, but they will tell you not to thin the paint at all. Tell them it is for a craft application and that the VOC rules don't apply and they may be able to be more helpful and not get in trouble with EPA.
  5. Andre Cloutier

    Andre Cloutier Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.


    Victor, was reading this and while I havent used Werdol, but have used PreKote and a slew of other primers, I doubt many of them would roll and tip well and typically you're sanding these prior to painting anyways, so a nice even application with a roller should be sufficient before you begin the suface prep - if I've understood your post correctly. You'll find that paints, both single and 2 part will behave entirely different while tipping.

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