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I have just begun work on restoring my 43 yr old 20' Teslin freighter canoe. It was built at the Canoe Factory located in Teslin, Yukon, used for two years then stored in a shed. I was fortunate to be the first one to remove it last fall. The canvas is gone but otherwise in dried out but good condition.
So I'm sure I'll be on the forum with questions!

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Dear Tom,
I have a 22' freighter made by Teslin that I obtained last fall. Now it lives on Prince of Wales Island and I am trying to give it a new life. What weight canvas should I use when making repairs and what glue do you suggest? Thanks, Tom W.


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Hi, Duncan....I must find out more about Teslin boats and the Glue (?) . I have a friend Stewart Marshall, on Lopez Island hoping to repro a maker's bronze tag. WCHA will help a lot. Have fun, Dave


I am not familiar with those boats but absent any other replies wrt the canvas, I believe you will need to use at least a number 8 and possibly even a number 6 weight canvas for such a beast. Presumably it is trailered? In that case a heavier canvas is not going to be an issue for you.
Glue....do you mean filler? You can mix your own or buy it in gallon cans from your canvas supplier... You'll likely need at least 2 gallons, possibly three for that much hull and such course weave canvas... that's a guess..I've never dealt with a Teslin or a freighter. You could give Northwoods Canoe a call and ask Rollin for his advice. He does large canoe/boats fairly often.


Here is a link to a Knowledge Base with information about filler recipes. The first one listed is one that you could be confident in as a good starting point. It dries quite hard and is easy to work....and no lead.
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