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Help needed

Discussion in 'Traditional All-Wood Construction' started by Marvin, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Marvin

    Marvin New Member

    I have always wanted a wooden canoe and recently acquired one. I have never restored a canoe, but I do restore old bamboo fly rods. So, I'm going to need a lot of the forums' expertise. Before I start the restoration, process I need to identify the manufacturer so that I can do an accurate restoration. I was told it was made by the Ontario Canoe Co. (circa 1939). The only ID I can find is a diamond shaped plate under the midship thwart that reads O B 9-7. I will greatly appreciate any help I can get. I've attached six photos.

    Thanks, Marvin
  2. Kathryn Klos

    Kathryn Klos squirrel whisperer

    Welcome, Marvin--

    You may already have done this-- check out the information at Dragonfly Canoe.

    Scroll down to Ontario Canoe Co. on the left and click on that. You may also find information using the "search" function here... click on "search" and type in whatever you're interested in.

    Your photos didn't attach for some reason-- please try again! Or you can send to someone and they can try. My email address is

    Again, welcome!


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