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Help Needed For New Purchase

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by purplevanman, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. purplevanman

    purplevanman New Member

    New here so please be patient while I learn a bit :)
    I have just purchased a canoe frame and had plans to cover it with plywood and fibreglass but after finding this site I have found out that it might not be a good plan.
    how do I do it properly?
    I have posted a couple of pictures for now but will take more detailed pictures once I have it at home.
    One thing I noticed is that the canvas was not pinned to the outside but the inside? Seems odd to me. It has a steel rubbing strip at the bow and 3 wood ones running along the mid section, the ribs are all nicely varnished on the outside.
    Im looking forward to getting this on the water :)
    Thank you

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  2. Paul Scheuer

    Paul Scheuer LOVES Wooden Canoes


    What you've got is a frame for a Skin On Frame (SOF) kayak. What you're seeing a tacks on the inside are probably where the skin applied on the outside was stretched over the outwales and tacked on the inside. The metal strip attached to the stem is a mystery. It could be that it was attached back in place to preserve it after the original skin was removed. Same for the wooden rub strips.

    There may be move information on to be had from a google search "SOF Kayak".
    This was a "free boat"

    Folbot Sporty.jpg


  3. samb

    samb LOVES Wooden Canoes

    That looks like a PBK (Percy Blandford Kayak). If you get your hands on this book, it will tell you everything you need to know.

    Just off to see if mines a first edition ;)
  4. OP

    purplevanman New Member

    Thanks for replies :)
    That book is pricy no wonder you are off to check yours :)
    Anyway I have now collected the frame and am itching to start :)
    I'm going to build a pair of frames first to support it.
    From the pictures can anyone clarify it's make?
    Is it a particular type of canvas I look for?
    Is it worth doing? going by the look of quality I think so :)
    Many thanks :)

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  5. samb

    samb LOVES Wooden Canoes

    If you pm me with an email address, I'll photograph and send you the relevant pages from the book.
    If it is a PBK, they were mostly home made although scout groups and the like built numbers. Other manufacturers built similar looking boats. Looking at your pictures I'd suggest yours home made. What length is it?
    Have a look on song of the paddle and search PBK and search for posts by Malcolm T for lots of information on (mainly) folding canvas covered kayaks.
    Where in the uk are you?

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