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Help ID canoe Manufacturer svp

Discussion in 'Serial Number Search' started by Stuart Inglis, May 31, 2020.

  1. Stuart Inglis

    Stuart Inglis New Member

    C63BD846-EF21-495A-9488-144AA7C6E253.jpeg Hello to all the great wisdom and experience at WCHA. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and have built a 6 cedar strip canoes, so I'm still pretty wet behind the ears. Recently however, I acquired an older Wood Canvass canoe that to my untrained eye needed a lot of TLC. But that the best way to learn and I can basically keep messing about with boats.

    Story from the seller is: he was the third owner, and the nephew of the second owner, who bought it in 1952. The story goes that his uncle bought it in Ontario (somewhere), (or could have been Quebec) and claims it was 12 years old at that time. (so he dated her circa 1940). I'd like to verify the make and model etc. It was at some point fibreglassed. What a chore that was to remove, but so worth the effort to restore.

    I'm now cleaning the inside and removing the what I think was a dark walnut looking stain. That is coming off well with a heat gun. On the bow stem I uncovered this serial number:
    26P 9900 (I'mm 94.8% sure of the 26P, and 100% sure of the 9900)

    Can anyone help me with that small tidbit of information?


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