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Hello, my name is Steve

Discussion in 'Guestbook' started by Durham270, May 16, 2015.

  1. Durham270

    Durham270 New Member

    Hello, I'm steve. My wife and I live in Kentucky. We have spent many enjoyable hours on the water but always with runabouts so this is the first time for us owning a canoe. We recently came upon an older 15 foot American Trader's canoe for sale and have been restoring it. We believe this model is called the Huron. In a few weeks we plan on taking her out for the first time. Yes, we'll have so much to learn. Thanks to the forum section and members at WCHA for the knowledge in restoration! You all have played a major role in my restoration project over the past few weeks. I've included a few images of our canoe and the sanding I have been working on. Just this past week the canoe has been completed and I hope to update with more images of our first trip.

    1382429_10152859531726966_2450116537963388167_n.jpg 11209706_10152859531086966_8579850280864234053_n.jpg 11205992_10152859531556966_8433244606399016666_n.jpg 11206119_10152859532121966_1544739105805359513_n.jpg
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  2. Denise MsWdnBoat

    Denise MsWdnBoat Breaker of tradition

    Welcome aboard Steve! I just came back after about 10 years.
    Looks great! just add varnish and go paddle!
  3. OP

    Durham270 New Member

    Thanks Denise MsWdnBoat. I ended up using Amber Shellac as suggested by American Trader's on the inner hull of the canoe followed by a coat of varnish.

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