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Greetings, new here..

Discussion in 'Guestbook' started by Dave F, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Dave F

    Dave F New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm Dave.

    I'm new to the forum, but not to canoes. I've been an avid paddler since the mid 60's. I have built 6 canoes over the years and "was" a member of the WCHA back in the '80's & '90's (I need to renew my membership.. Ooops.)

    I'm currently paddling a Navarro Loon 16. It's a glass boat with cherry ribs, ash gunwales and butternut decks. Not a pure stripper but lovely nonetheless.

    I really need to get busy and build another boat.. maybe some of you can inspire me to get going.

    Looking forward to seeing what goes on here..


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