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FREE summer school listings

Discussion in 'Wooden Canoe Journal' started by Patty MacLeish, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Patty MacLeish

    Patty MacLeish Wooden Canoe Editor

    Summer SchoolList Your Course in Wooden Canoe
    Wcha members—both individuals and institutions—who teach canoe building and restoration/repair courses or paddling or canoeing skills courses may advertise their courses for free in Wooden Canoe. The list will include general information about classes being offered by organizations or groups as well as particular classes taught by WCHA members. The listings will appear in the April and June issues of Wooden Canoe.
    To have your course listed, send the following information (in this order): the date of the class, the title of the class, the instructor, the location of the class, and a telephone number. For example:

    May 21-23: Wooden canoe repair, Bob Builder, Mudflats, N.Y., 555-555-1234.

    Individuals must also include a very brief biographical statement, and in addition to a name and contact number, a WCHA membership number. The course will not be listed without this information. Don’t remember your member number? Go to your recycling bin and grab that envelope your Wooden Canoe arrived in. Your member number is right above your name on the mailing label. The information must be e-mailed or mailed. No information will be taken over the phone.
    We must receive your course information by February 10, 2006. If you have any questions, contact Patty MacLeish, <>).
    If you sign up for a course that we’ve listed here, please let the school or instructor know that you learned about it in Wooden Canoe.

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