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First Post - Thompson Canoe??

Discussion in 'Research and History' started by paddlinpaul, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. paddlinpaul

    paddlinpaul Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Hello all . . . my first post here!!
    This past summer I picked up a Thompson canoe made in Hamilton Ontario. The nameplate reads:
    Jas. A Thompson
    Hamilton Ontario
    Anyone ever hear of this make? Any info out there? All I've received from other enquires has been blank stares.
    Some pics posted here:

  2. Dan Miller

    Dan Miller cranky canoeist Staff Member

    Criptic information in "The Boat Builders of Hamilton" by Laura Edith Baldwin ( has James A. Thompson buying out either Whittaker's or James Massie's boathouses in the 1920s. James apparently carried on his fathers boatbuilding business after the father drowned in 1887, and himself died in his 90's. The Thompson shop was apparently located on or near a wharf off North Bay Street. As of 1992, there was still a descendant surviving, Bob Thompson, who if still alive and can be located, may be able to provide more information.

    Rob Stevens, our Man on the Scene in Hamilton, may be able to fill us in some more...


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