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Finally got my 'nut wet!

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by ken mueller, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. ken mueller

    ken mueller Canton, Ohio

    I had been waiting for a calm, sunny day to christen my chestnut pal. It took about 2 years to rebuild her, a little here, a little there. She floats like a feather on the water! Thanks to all you guys and gals at wcha for contributing and answering questions, whether you know it or not. A lot of hints I got were just from reading other peoples' forums. Going to take a break and do some fishing before I get into my next project. Thanks again to all! Ken.
  2. Morley Pinsent

    Morley Pinsent canoeist & canoe nut


    Any chance of some pics?

  3. OP
    ken mueller

    ken mueller Canton, Ohio


    Thanks... It's not perfect, but it floats! Here are some before/after pictures.

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  4. Ric Altfather

    Ric Altfather WCHA #4035


    Looks good Ken...

    I have a "Pal" and it's a great boat. I'm just north of you, in fact family from North Canton, grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, now in Cleveland. I paddle Mogadore, Lake Hodgson, LaDue and the Cuyahoga River. Again, nice work and maybe we can run across each other on the water.


  5. Andy Hutyera

    Andy Hutyera The Red Canoe Guy - Life Member

    Nice job! I live down in Cadiz about an hour south of you. I finished my Pal about a year ago and love it. Sometime you ought to bring her down here and try our lakes. Clendening and Piedmont are nice lakes to paddle (10 horse limit.) Maybe that way I could get at look at her in person.

    Happy paddling!!
  6. OP
    ken mueller

    ken mueller Canton, Ohio

    Thanks, Ric. Actually I was at Mogadore yesterday.
  7. OP
    ken mueller

    ken mueller Canton, Ohio

    Yes, I've been to clendening, although it was a few (quite a few) years ago while in the boy scouts.

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