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Debris under new canvas

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Ron Carter, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Ron Carter

    Ron Carter WCHA # 7925

    I'm in the process of replacing 13 ribs and about 30 lineal feet of planking on a Old Town 16' OTCA. The old planking seems to continually shed small pieces of debris during the handling of the boat. I'm becoming paranoid about having loose debris under the canvas after going through a long process to get a fair hull. Anyone have any suggestions beyond careful vacuuming etc. just prior to putting the boat into the canvas envelope? I'm a bit away from this point but the thought keeps poping up every time I clean up under the boat.
  2. Michael Grace

    Michael Grace Lifetime Member

    I'm not sure why the canoe keeps shedding "debris", but is it just that the hull is very dry? After getting everything fair with spokeshave, plane or whatever, you might want to go over it with a long fairing block or power sander- either equipped with coarse sandpaper. Finally, give the exterior a soaking of boiled linseed oil cut say 50/50 with mineral spirits. Give it a good two or three heavy coats until the wood stops rapidly sucking up the oil (this will appear as dry spots on an otherwise oily hull). Wipe off any remaining wet oil in a few hours or th next morning. After the oil cures for a few days, you should have a tight and springy hull that no longer sheds. See Stelmock and Thurlow's "Wood & Canvas Canoe" for more on oiling wooden hulls.

    Different people do things in different orders, but I try to get at least a few coats of varnish on the interior before oiling the exterior. I don't oil the interior, so I don't want bleed-through of the oil at planking edges. If any does get through in the oiling process, it will clean off of the varnish easily.

  3. davelanthier

    davelanthier Wooden Canoes are in the Blood

    I agree with the boiled linseed oil Micheal suggests . May I add that a 4" foam roller works well for the application .
  4. OP
    Ron Carter

    Ron Carter WCHA # 7925

    Michael you are correct. The boat hung in a garage for 20 years and is popcorn dry. I also pulled a lot of tacks replacing the 13 ribs and there is loose material around each old tack hole. Had planned to final fair with a long sanding block. Had forgotten about the oiling before the canvas. Several coats will surely help. Thanks for the reminder. The foam roller sounds good too.

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