Cedarwood Chestnut, my first wood canoe


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Hi everyone,

I just bought my first wood canvas canoe today. It's a Cedarwood "Chestnut", but I'm not sure which model. The seller said it was a 14 footer, but it actually measures 14'10" from the outermost points on the stem bands. So closer to 15 feet. The beam is 32-3/4" across the thwart to outside edge of the gunwales, the depth is 12" from the top of the planking to top of gunwales, and the planks and spacing are both about 2-1/8.

Those specs are pretty close to the published specs I found for a 15 foot Cedarwood of 15 long, 34" beam, 12-1/2 deep, and 2" rib spacing. Do the variations to the actual dimensions sound typical?

The published weight is also 68lbs, but mine weighs just 60lbs on a digital bathroom scale and 52lbs on an analog luggage scale. I'm delighted it is that light, but have read that most canoes tend to be heavier than the published specs. So that was quite a surprise.

Anyway, here's a few pics. I've already started sanding the gunwales, but hope to put it in the water for a quick paddle before tackling the canvas this winter.

20221009_142203.jpg 20221009_142306.jpg20221009_142233.jpg20221009_142324.jpg20221009_142340.jpg20221009_142352.jpg20221009_142438.jpg20221009_142532.jpg


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Hi Canuck,
14 foot 10 inches equates to a 15 foot canoe.
and going buy your dimensions it sounds like you have a Cedarwood Chum.
Checking records in Ken Solways book, Carl Jones who started Cedarwood after Chestnut folded and purchased the 15 foot Chum form. So that then makes sense.
Enjoy your canoe!


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Thanks for your reply. The length seemed about right, but I wasn't sure about beam and depth. Some of the published specs are down to a half inch, so I thought the actual measurements might be closer.

Anyway, I'm very happy to have this boat. I almost didn't go look at it because the seller said it was a 14 footer and I thought that might be too small.

Now I have to start learning how to recanvas.

Thanks again,