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Canvas Canoe Down the Green River to the Confluence

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by monkitoucher, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. monkitoucher

    monkitoucher Canoe Curious

    Hello everyone.

    Just got back from a 7 day 50 mile run down the Green River from Mineral Bottom to Spanish Bottom on our 1922 Charles River. The other two canoes in our group were a Dagger Royalex and a Bluewater Kevlar. We used Tex's River Tours to drop us off and run us back up the Colorado via jet boat. I have to say I was very satisfied with how they treated the canoes! The whole trip was very low key and enjoyable. The river was really low but we didn't really hit the bottom... with a couple of exceptions where we just got closed out on a sand bar, because we weren't paying attention. the only real dangers were from the usual submerged driftwood and an occasional boulder. but really things were pretty evident by keeping an eye out. If this is on a bucket list... I'd say go for it.

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  2. dogbrain

    dogbrain I can take this, but not much more

    Great pictures and it looks like you had a good time. I can see from the warm jackets that you were there when the cold front came through. It's great to see an old wood canvas canoe doing a real trip. I've been down the Green River a few times, but never in a wooden boat and never with the water so clear. I think we used Tex's last time too. Did it seem crowded? Last time we did that section the river had come up quite a few feet and dropped back down a week before our trip. The sand bars were all covered with mud, so we had to find high ground to take breaks and camp for the whole trip. Not such a bad thing, but it limited our choices. The last time we did that section we spent 2 nights at each campsite. I found that still wasn't enough, so next time it's 3 nights at each campsite.

  3. Brly

    Brly Curious about Wooden Canoes

    Looks like a great trip! Beautiful canoe!
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  4. OP

    monkitoucher Canoe Curious

    Mark, on day two we got hit by the front so we just hunkered down for a day and waited for the wind to calm down. We got a little rain but nothing too bad.

    The Green River was actually green. It was running between 17 and 18 all week. Two of the five camping spots were muddy but drying or dried out. These were my preference to pitch a tent. A lot less sand in the tent!

    Tex's is pretty much the only game in town. I think the other outfit that was running jet boats out of the confluence has stopped or is no longer around.

    We really didn't run across too many people. We took the slow and steady wins the race approach (7 days instead of the typical 6). So a lot of folks were a day ahead of us so we had our pick of campsites.

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