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Canoeing the Allegash vintage home movie

Discussion in 'Books, Videos, and the Like' started by wanderlustjake, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. wanderlustjake

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  2. MGC

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    Interesting to see.....

    My father and I did the same route in 1969 and then I did it again with some friends in 72.
    My father had guided on Moosehead in the 40's and made a big deal about stopping in Sanders store in Greenville before we headed up Moosehead etc.
    I recall the NE Carry at the head of the lake and don't recall the horse carts or anyone helping with our "luggage". Same with Mud Pond. We must have missed the portage services.
    The first lake this shows looks like Chesuncook and what was then Chesuncook Village. There was a boat then that ran to Umbazooksus in those days. Interesting to see it in operation.

    The whitecaps on the Eagle look just like the ones my son and I saw last summer when we passed through there, and ones we saw in 70 and 72.
    Missing is the river stretch and the run to Ft. Kent.
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